Welcome to the Massage room YUAN.

Body Massage(Shiatsu) & Reflexology

Body Massage(Shiatsu)

~For dairy tiredness~

Shiatsu is pressure which is applied by finger and palms without oil. We recommend for chronic stiff shoulders and back pain.

30min 3240yen
60min 5940yen
90min 9180yen
*after 60min it would be 540yenOFF


~For feet swelling and internal organs tiredness.~

Reflexology is massage of feet with oil, and it is told to heal particular organs by stimulating of the bottom of the foot. We recommend to take with another menus together for synergetic effect. We use lavender essential oil.

30min 3240yen
60min 6480yen
90min 9720yen
*Including 5min.foot bath.
*In 40min include massaging the calf of leg.

※The prices above include tax.