Welcome to the Massage room YUAN.

Osteopathy&Craniosacral therapy


~For extremely stiffness and tense.~

Our osteopathy is very soft adjustment technique without risk of damaging your muscle, and we adopt osteopathy technique which American doctor developed. That's why,you are able to feel safe to take it if you have painful image for it. We adjust your balance of bone structure by stretching which release your mascle stress.

60min 7020yen
90min 10260yen

Craniosacral therapy(CST)

~For headache and aftereffects of the accident.~

Craniosacral therapy is a kind of Osteopathy. We recommend this for parson who have bad headache,bad stiffness and also improve an autonomic nerve by very weak pressure.

30min 3780yen
60min 7020yen
90min 10260yen

※The prices above include tax.